What brand of shredded dried pollock has the fewest bones?

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      There are quite a few Korean and Asian grocery stores in my area, so I can try many brands of any given ingredient. I love pollock seasoned with gochujang, and I like to always have it in the fridge. The first time I made it, I bought the cheapest brand of shredded dried pollock, because they all looked pretty much the same to me. I tried hard to remove all bones, but there were SO MANY hidden ones that I couldn’t see or feel until chewing!
      The second time, I went all the way to the other end of the scale and bought the most expensive brand on the shelf. And the texture is flakier and more delicious…but there are JUST as many tiny hidden bones! I don’t know what to do! (And I didn’t keep either packet, so I can’t even note down which brands I tried until I go back to the store and look at what they were called.)
      So I will drive around to all the grocery stores in the area, seeing which brands are available and tasting each one. But as I do this, does anyone have any guidance? Maybe there is a brand available online that I should try?
      Thanks everyone!

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