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      My boyfriend is in the army and I want to make lunch boxes for him and the soldiers in his squad. I think he has about 32-ish people in his squad.

      My boyfriend said that the girlfriend of one of his 선임 (seniors) brought some lunch boxes but later that night they all had to go to the hospital because the food went bad since it’s super hot in Korea right now so food spoils easily. I asked him what kind of food I should bring but he couldn’t really think of any… he just said to NOT use eggs because he thinks that’s what made everyone sick.

      Can anyone give me some easy things I can make for 30+ people that won’t spoil easily? I’m thinking about making 유부초밥 (Yubuchobap) but I can’t think of anything else because I’m afraid that it’ll spoil… and I don’t want to make too much rice-based dishes because I’d like some diversity.

      I’m also planning to just add in some baby tomatoes and steamed carrots as fillers, but I need more than that~


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      Hi Rayne,

      It’s great that you are willing to cook for 32 people..

      For me I would personally recommend using these recipes.. But I can’t guarantee they won’t go bad..






      Something like this.. Make sure to still take them in an ice box if you can~Let the food cool – especially the rice – before you take it. It’s also the heat from the food coupled with the weather and the moisture that builds up which makes it go bad. Good luck!

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      I can add a few more!

      Salty beef braised with soy sauce: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/jangjorim

      Seasoned dried squid: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ojingeochae-muchim

      Tuna pancake: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tuna-pancakes

      Sweet an crispy chicken: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/dakgangjeong

      Alex, you are so cool! : )

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      Thank you for the suggestions!!

      I think I shouldn’t make things like pancakes and deep-friend chicken because they usually get soggy pretty fast, right?

      Do you guys think soup might be a good idea? I think soup won’t go bad even in the heat! And maybe juk too?

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