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    I am desperate to buy Kosari here in Europe and it seems I cannot find it online.

    I found in KJFoods.de, but there is no english nor german language.

    Anyone know any online shop which has Kosari in Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / UK ? … in english or not in Korean language :)




    Don’t know but I was looking for Kosari on Hmart and finally found it but it had a different name, Dried Bracken, https://www.hmart.com/shopnow/shopnow_newsub.asp?p=761898649602 so maybe youre Kjfoods.de has it under THAT name? Good luck.



    I can see that Kosari in KJFoods.de but the website is all in Korean language :)

    I am not korean, and I cannot read korean language.

    I tried to use Google Translate (automatic), but that does not work on this site.

    Really, I spent few weeks just to hunt this down, but no luck.

    Unfortunately, for some reason I cannot travel far away from my current home location. Otherwise, I live just 2 hours from Dusseldorf which I can visit the Kim’s Asia store (offline version of KJFoods).

    Anyway, I can find most Japanese stuffs pretty easily and there are a lot of english web-shops. But not korean web-shops :(



    Ewlung, I see what you mean. You would have to individually translate all lines that you don’t understand. I copied and pasted few Korean words into Google Translate http://translate.google.com/#ko|en|%20%20%EC%9D%B4%EB%A6%84 and then I also input English and got Korean translation to match up the “characters.” It’s a lot of work.

    name 이름

    mailing address 우편 주소

    phone 전화

    billing address 청구서 수신 주소

    state 상태

    Leave a message 전하실말씀

    *Might I suggest you use the “Contact Us” ([email protected]) and email them all the info. and explain to them you want to order the Kosari but because you don’t understand the language, it’s difficult to order? They may comply and/or advise you as to how to order without having to fill in the form. Who knows. Good Luck.



    Hi oksipak,

    Thanks :) I will do that, but my friend just told me that she could buy kosari in her home town and send it to me …



    jen smith

    Koamart.com took my money over one hundred dollars and never sent me my stuff. They don’t even respond to me when I contact them last time. I even sent them my bank statement information in the mail to them but they don’t care. Buyers beware. Buy through Amazon or Hmart.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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