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      Hi everyone!

      So many people have asked me about where to find good Korean restaurants, I thought this would be an interesting section for my forum, even though I think homemade cooking is the best in the world.

      I know there are people here from all over the world, and you guys are all experts in Korean food :) So why don’t you tell us about the good places to go?

      The title of your review should be the restaurant name, and then leave the city and country in your review, with the address and website if you know it. Be sure to tag the review with the city name so people can find it.

      Have fun, and tell us about some new places. I’m hungry already!

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      This is a great idea for people like me, who enjoy eating much more than cooking. I’m a lot better at the eating part, too!

      Thanks! Some restaurant reviews, coming up!

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      i’m not sure where i found this site but it’s the most comprehensive up-to-date review of restaurants in palisades park, nj.


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      I want to ask for restaurant reviews in The netherlands. Do I have to make a new topic or can I do this in this topic?

      If it is the last one I would like to ask about the ‘Kimchi house’ in the Hague. I heard that there is a possibility to do Karaoke and I heard the food was really good, but I don’t trust just anyone. I know that the best foodtasters are here ^^,

      So if I am wrong to post in this, I am sorry and I will adjust this. I hope someone can answer my question ^.^

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      Ugh, that is tough. I made my BA in The Netherlands and I didn’t find a good Korean restaurant. There is a lot of Thai restaurant, really good ones but not Korean. Right now I’m making my Ph.D. practice in Ukraine and here basically no good Asian restaurants at all!!! I don’t know the reason for this but if someone ever will open a good one Korean restaurant here, I would be the first client! Anyways, thanks to Maangchi I have my own Korean restaurant at home) Homemade tastes better)

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