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    Hi Maangchi! My name is Joyce and I was first introduced to Korean food in high school by some friend and have loved it ever since. A few of my favorites are soondubu, yukejang, kalbi-jim and jja jang myun. I discovered your videos while randomly searching for jja jang myun recipe and have been a huge fan of your videos ever since! The jja jang myun turned out great- my family loved it! I also made the soondubu (and even bought the little pots to go with it). THANK YOU so much for teaching me how to cook all of my favorite Korean dishes.

    Perhaps you’ll have a Kalbi-jim recipe soon? ;-)



    Hello Maangchi,

    I’m Sylvia.

    I am a westerner. I lived in the Chicago area for 3 years where I discovered Korean food. I used to eat it at least once a week. My favorite is Kimchi jjigae, but I love Kalbi and soon du bu and chap che oh and I can’t forget spicy seafood soup and dok bok kie. I really miss the Korean markets in Chicago, they had all the side dishes prepared and many hot foods ready for purchase. The best were the sweet, spicy, sticky chicken wings. I ate them in the car while driving, what a mess. My children and husband like Korean food too. A good way to learn about other cultures and customs is through food, so we are learning more about Korea.

    I have moved and now I don’t have the restaurants nearby. I have managed to cook some things at home, but now with your help I feel confident to try more Korean food at home.

    I think the most helpful thing you do is to hold up the packages (imported and in Korean) and the fresh foods and show us what things look like. Before learning from you I spent many hours in the Korean market trying to figure out what things are and how to use them.

    You are a good teacher.



    Maangchi! I just saw that you posted a Kalbijim video! I am so excited to try it.




    Hellow, Maangchi

    This is Kim Dal-hae who enjoys watching “Korean food cooking with Maangchi” from Seoul, Korea.

    Let me introduce myself.

    I work for Korea Cinetel which produces broadcasting programs.

    Now I am preparing for a documentary about “Korean food in the world”

    This documentary will be air through KBS at the end of October.

    One month ago, I watched your vedio clip in YouTube.

    I decided to send an email because I want to film of you.

    I think this will appeal for people to show globalized Korean Food.

    Filming contents will consist of your activities such as video shooting, uploading, interviewing about Korean food, meeting with maangchi’s readers etc…

    If you accept our proposal, we will discuss more details with you.

    We need your cooperation.

    I am looking forward to hearing you soon.

    Thank you for your time.



    Hi Maanchi!

    My name is Jessica and I am part South Korean and part Irish. My mother is South Korean (Chae) and she never really got into teaching me about Korea or teaching me how to speak the language. She said she thought it would make it harder for me to fit in.

    Either way I wanted to get into the Korean culture more, so I’ve bought a hanbok and cooking books. I got a Rosetta Stone Learn Korean CD collection from my Fiance for Christmas and hope to be on my way to embracing my culture more.

    My aunts live in NJ and had little idea that I have a strong passion to be more Korean. So I thought the best way to show my interest was to cook traditional Korean food for them. I tried to follow the directions in the book to make Kimchi and well, I didn’t think that I could follow them. So I looked up Korean Cooking and found your video’s. I followed them and made delicious Kimichi and Kaktugi. I was going to take picture of it, but they ate it before it even sat for a full day. I made it the night before bringing it down and when I got there (mid day the next day), they opened them up and dug in.

    So sadly no pictures, but lots of smiling faces. I have made other dishes like Soy Sauce Chicken (Dakjjim), Ginger Chicken (made from a recipe for Ginger Pork), and Seasoned Spinach (Namul). My next planned recipe is the Dried Persimmon Punch (Sujeonggwa) which I’m going to follow your video to make.

    Thank you for putting together such a lovely site,



    Jenni RN

    I learned of your site through google. I am a new resident of Madison WI and I have neighbors who are Korean. I love to try new foods, especially if they are unusual, so when my neighbor gave me a container of tiny fish with sesame seeds in it, I figured I would look it up to see what it was. She spoke very little English, and the only words I could pick up were “with rice”. I found your site and found that she had given me a very mild version of myulchi bokkeum. The fish were so small! The only difference from your recipe was that my neighbor put pumpkin seeds in it also. It was very good and I really appreciated her thinking of me.

    I would really like to thank her for the myulchi bokkeum, could you spell it out phonetically so I can pronounce it?



    I am half korean/half American. Mama was actually born in North Korea and our family had wealth and status before the Japanese occupancy. Because Mama had known starvation in those deperate days, she had a sharp, intensive focus on food and was a determined and generous cook. We left Seoul when I was an infant, not to return until I was a 7th grader, where I attended military post/base schools in Seoul, Osan, and Busan until I graduated as a senior. I was so cared for and spoiled with an abundance of fresh, satisfying meals. After her passing a few years ago, I missed her so much and realized that to taste her delicious dishes again would ease the sadness – but I could not because Mama and I thought we had more time for learning cooking. No restaurant could match her magical cooking style. My husband says that when I found Maangchi on YouTube, my mother came back to my house again! The taste is THERE with your recipes, explanations, and style of cooking. So similar are you to her in speech and tones when describing food. My kimchi and soups are very satisfying and familiar now.

    Pusan had my favorite regional food – hot, deep, with the rich taste of the sea. Although Mama preferred the northern flavors of her youth, she always made southern dishes just for me. We had special Naengmyon lunches and laughed together on hot summer days. I ate at Odang-jips and bibimbap houses. I rushed over to experienced grandmas cooking in basement shopping mall cafeterias and asked them to make the soup “mashisayo” and “mewah”-they always laughed and patted my back when they saw my intensity. I ate at street food carts in the evenings at the shopping districts and knew the grandma with the best dukboki and kimpap. We traveled to the monks in the mountains and ate their white, clean food. I took taxis and buses and absorbed my Mama’s world. Even though I could speak just a little Korean, I knew the names of the food.

    And Maangchi, believe it or not when I was a senior in high school, I was elected the Chuseok Queen for the festival held on the Army post for that year.

    Thank you for helping me. My soul is soothed.



    Hi hi Maangchi! I am so very happy that i found your wonderful cooking shows! i watch them all and tell my friends about them..

    My name is Philip and i live in Portland Oregon. My experiences with Korean food started when i was 13 and met one of my best friends in the world Peggy Kim. Her mother Insook Kim made the best food i have ever had, hands down, even better than my mother’s (but she doesn’t really cook :) It was all very different to this small town Ohio boy but I have never been known for pickiness, and fell in love with not just many of the dishes she made but the SIDE DISHES are just the best. Over the years i have tried several sad attempts at various Korean dishes…my best being Kimchi interestingly. i watch your shows and they are step by step perfect. you are very bright and very amazing and i really think you should have a show on the Food Network, right? :)

    thank you thank you :)



    Hello to Maangchi and everone,

    My name is Andrew Hyo-yul Choi, grew up in Baltimore MD, lived there all my life.

    Im full korean but only speak half koreaN. My step dad is spanish, mom is korean ; so I speak some spanish too. I grew up on eating korean food because of my mother and my korean appitite. I always loved to cook, and now Im grown up now, I am a cook at a very popular resturaunt Ruby Tuesday. I have been a prof. cook for 3 years now, all together I have been cooking at home for almost 14 years. I can cook mainly american style dishes,korean,japanese and chinese gourmet’s. Thanks to technology now-a-days, people like Maangchi show us exactly cooking a proper recipe can be so simple. Youtuber’s out there, thank you.


    Kimchi Mom

    I am SO glad that I found your website. (I was looking for a Pajeon recipe.) I love the videos because I learn better from watching than from a book. I learned to make cheese that way, too…homemade feta cheese and mozarella…YUM!

    I started eating Korean food 25 years ago when I met my best friend. She and I are the same age, so we could be friends. We raised our sons together. She watched mine when I went to work, and vice versa.

    I learned to make a few Korean dishes from her (she is a fabulous cook), but since I now live in Korea, I really crave the things she made for me. The restaurants here (in my VERY small town) do not cook as well as she does.


    When my oldest son was two, I took him to the doctor because I didn’t think his hearing was good. He didn’t say English words correctly. So when my friend asked me what was wrong I said, “He doesn’t speak English well.”

    She laughed and said, “He speak good Korean! Nothing wrong his hearing.” He called me “Ohm ma” and his father “Ahp pa”! I didn’t speak Korean then. Since her boys didn’t speak English and were one year older than my son, (all toddlers), they taught my son Korean.

    She also gave my younger son dried squid when he was teething because she said you could cut big pieces with scissors so he wouldn’t choke and if he dropped them on the floor, she rinsed them off and put them in the oven to dry! Both my boys still LOVE Korean food.




    i love to cook everything from southern comfort to spicy ethnic foods. the only dishes i could not master were korean dishes because (until now) no one out there taught people how to cook this stuff!

    you’ll never see emeril or rachel ray doing on show on authentic kimchi! thanks for sharing your recipes maangchi!




    I’m Coco. I fell in love with Korean food 4 years ago when my sister introduce me to it (she lives in Korea town Los Angeles). One of my favorite side dishes is the scallion salad. I’ve found a recipe online, but it doesn’t compare to the ones I’ve had at the restaurants and now of the restaurant I go to stopped making it! I was hoping you have a recipe for this green onion salad. I’m quite taken by the recipes you have posted and I can’t wait to watch your videos! :)

    Thank you.





    I’m Asma from United Arab Emirates. I’m a graduate student in Electronic Engineering, haha~ nothing to do with cooking!

    Anyway, am not that good in cooking but I want to try it, and I really want to try Korean food since it’s hard to find Korean restaurant here, so I am planning to cook it and try it..

    I speak little Korean & Japanese, I am fluent in English & my tongue language is Arabic..

    Nice to meet you all! And I hope I can find things I want in this site.. ^^


    Kimchi Girl

    Hi Maangchi,

    I’m so glad I found this site!! My boyfriend is Korean and now he’s my husband. We dated for a LONG time, like 7 years. My friends call me Kimchi Girl because I understand Korean and I listen to Korean sermon at church. Now, I know how to cook some Korean food, but I’d like to learn more. ^^ Your site helps me so much..thank you, Maangchi!



    Hi Maangchi!

    I love your site, it’s been so helpful. I’m Korean and just recently got married. I had to move to Texas from Chicago because of my husband’s job. So, I couldn’t get help from my mom when it came time to make dinner! My husband is also Korean and only wants Korean food for dinner. I browsed around youtube and eventually found your site! Thank you so much for posting recipes with the video, it’s very helpful. So far I made the haemul pa jeon from here and my husband loved it! I’m going to make a lot more from your site. Keep up the good work!!

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