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      Hi Maangchi and all,
      I am Gina, I am living in the Netherlands.
      Last year I was invited in a Korean restaurant and ate Korean food for the first time and I love it!
      I now eat regularly in this restaurant.
      My next step is to try to cook Korean food myself!
      One of my favorite dishes is Yun-O Hwe Muchim.
      You probably know but is a salad with saladleaves, cucumber, union, garlic, sesameseeds, raw half frozen salmon and an red peper paste dressing.
      I asked the restaurant if they make the dressing there selves and how but they told me to buy some kind of chili sauce, see picture, so I did but it doesn’t taste like the dressing from the restaurant!
      I try to find a recipe for Yun-O Hwe Muchim, but can’t find it!
      Does anyone know how to make the dressing?


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      Hi Gina,

      I think what you have there is the restaurant’s own version of a common, spicy cucumber side-dish. There are lots of variations on it … like the addition of salmon and salad greens. See here for the basic recipe:

      Spicy cucumber side dish

      I can personally testify to how delicious that recipe is, I have made it many times.

      Good luck!

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      And the bottle of sauce you bought is some sort of chogochujang. Here is something that was discussed here, with a nice recipe too. It might be just what you are lookng for, raw fish salad with spicy sauce.

      Cho Go Chu Jang

      Restaurants are how many of us got our first taste of Korean food, but then it turns into a home-cooking obsession before long. Have fun!

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