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    Hey MsLinda!

    While I’m not sure if you’re referring to celery in cabbage kimchi or celery kimchi, a quick run through the translator suggests that the latter is called:

    샐러리 김치

    So just paste it in the search bar and hopefully you’ll find what you wanted yo look for!

    in reply to: Long cylindrical rice cake problem#90751

    Hey! What were the ingredients and quantities you put in into the rice cakes and how closely did you follow it? Maybe there’s a problem with the ingredients or with the method you used for pounding.

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    Hi crazyamy101,

    I just leave my kimchi out so it ferments faster. The cold from the refrigerator will slow down the rate of fermentation, so it’s best to let the microorganisms in the kimchi thrive in a warm environment. After for a few days, you should smell the difference. The smell should be more pungent and sour, a sign that the kimchi is really fermented. I have not gotten sick from using room-temp kimchi (even though I’ve only used it for kimchi stew, and probably you too) so I can say it’s totally safe.

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    What difference does it make between yeast and baking powder? (Assuming it’s a batter)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)