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    soybean paste and red pepper paste are similar to American condiments like mayo and mustard. or like a dipping sauce, like a thick onion dip.

    one way to use it is to take a lettuce leaf spread a small amount on the leaf like you would mayo or mustard on a slice of bread for a sandwich, then a bit of rice and meat like bulgogi fold into a bundle and eat like a dumpling of sorts.

    of course that is just one example there many different uses

    however before using you need to add a few ingredients, you don’t use it straight out of the container. I think there is a video on that though.

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    Would love the url link to this recipe

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    I have seen these but have real issues with plastic.

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    This is a difficult subject. Because the combinations are endless.

    Also since korean culture and food are quickly changing it may be difficult to nail this subject down.

    If you have a chance to go to Korea or a large US city that has a large korean population and going to korean markets and restaurants may give you a bit more insight.

    Or if you have the chance to visit/live/eat with a korean family that has one dedicated “stay at home” family member who subscribes to cooking traditional korean food for the family would be ideal.

    Finally your own preferences will be the ultimate guide.

    With that being said, rice, tea, kimchi, soup/consommé, kochijung and soybean paste may be said to be essential to every meal. And fruit to end the meal.

    Seasonal foods help to determine what might be on the table. But not a mandate as dried goods can allow certain dishes to appear at anytime of the year e.g. kosari.

    Some very popular side dishes that go well with any menu imho are, spinach salad, fish cake, sautéed dry anchovies, radish kimchi, pickled garlic, pickled peppers, soy bean sprout salad, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce leaves, seasoned sesame/perilla leaves.

    Below is one menu you might try:

    Menu 1
    1) rice
    2) kimchi – traditional Napa cabbage
    3) bulgogi
    4) lettuce leaves rinsed in water with a few drops of sesame oil
    5) soybean paste
    6) kochijung paste
    7) sliced fresh jalapeños
    8) corn or barley tea
    9) green onion soup

    Hope this helps.

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