Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Cooking

My new book is coming! I’ve been working on it for more than 2 years! It will be sold in all bookstores from Oct 29th, 13 chapters and 150 recipes!

You can also preorder the book early from now. What’s the benefit of preordering? I’m happy to let you all to be the first to know about it!

You will get an ultimate Korean grocery shopping list I made so you can print it out or keep it on your smartphone. It will be very helpful because you will see where to find ingredients in the store, what to choose, and the English, Korean, and romanized names for everything. It will make your shopping much easier. I’ll also send you 2 sample recipes from the book before anyone else gets them!

Just fill out the form on my publisher’s website and add your receipt. Important note: the page says it’s only open to US and Canadian residents, but that’s just legal stuff. If you preordered the book just go ahead and fill out the form. ; )

About the book

I put all my effort into making a user-friendly book about Korean cooking to help you find something delicious depending on your mood. It’s bigger than my first book, with more recipes, more photos, and more information about Korean cooking and ingredients. The recipes are all different, so you can own both books comfortably.

Soy Butter Pan-Grilled Chicken spread from Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking

It has the top 10 most popular recipes from my YouTube channel (improved and reworked), as well as recipes I’ve been cooking for my family for decades, and also plenty of totally new recipes.

There are huge sections on Korean side dishes, lunchboxes, meat dishes and BBQ, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, soups, stews, snacks and party food. And of course a great kimchi chapter. : ) There’s a chapter on vegan Korean Buddhist temple cuisine and one on Seoul street food, too.

Every page has step by step photos, plus photos of finished dishes and of ingredients so you won’t miss anything. I hope it makes you, your family, and your friends very happy and full!