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"Whenever we cook porkbelly that we bought here in the US (from Costco) it's tough. What are we doing wrong?"
in Spicy stir-fried pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum) — Mar/16

"How about MaangTravel?"
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"I am living in Korea and I really like this kind of Tofu. They often have it in soups and stuff, but I cannot figure out how to buy it. I've tried a few times but I always end up with fish curd! What is the name of this kind of tofu in Korean?!?! (not necessarily for the pockets but in general...) Thanks!"
in Fried tofu stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥) — Oct/10

"I made these today and they turned out well! I just started a new job in Seoul and I want to give rice cakes to my co-workers like the Korean Tradition. I experimented with new fillings because I want to "personalize" them so I made peanut butter filled and choclolate filled rice cakes. The peanut ones were perfect (I rolled them in blended peanuts) but the chocolate ones need work... the chocolate likes to leak out/the were a big soggy. Thanks for the recipe and video!"
in Gyeongdan (rice cake balls) — Oct/10

"We are living in Korea and have made SoonDoBoo many times (but without a recipe... we were just guessing.) We have a doubt... here, we buy the live clams, but we aren't sure when to add them to our dolsot... before the tofu? after the tofu?"
in Haemul-sundubu-jjigae (Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood) — Oct/10