Andrew's comments

"Dear Maangchi, I'm sad I missed you when you came to New Zealand. I was in Tonga when you were there. Congratulations on your success! This recipe is very delicious. I tried before dongeurangtaeng. Is it the same type of food?"
in Pan-fried meat and tofu patties (Wanja-jeon) — Apr/16

"I remember deulkkae garu from your very serious gamja tang video. I'm sorry I missed you when you came to New Zealand I was in the islands at the time and didn't know until I got back."
in Perilla seeds powder (Deulkkae-garu) — Sep/15

""Good job! I don't want to torture you!" Hahaha Maangchi too funny! Well I like it Maangchi. Mackerel is such a pretty fish and it's always in all the grocery stores. Your friend is kinda bossy but at least she knows how to peel a potato good. :-P Hey when you go camping like this do you bring cooked rice or you make it there?"
in Kimchi and mackerel camping stew (Kimchi godeungeo-tongjorim jjigae) — Feb/14

""in another region, it is proposed to have hallucinogenic properties, leading to some bonneted grandmothers passing out from direct skin contact" Grrrrr. HTML fail."
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — Apr/11

"Ah! Cheers Maangchi, Any entertaining stories along these lines? Hahaha. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and traditions with the world. You're an inspiration. Till next time."
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — Apr/11

"Oh Maangchi... In New Zealand our seasons are opposite to yours. I'm always sad to wait 6 months to try the seasonal recipes. Question: How is mungwort used in traditional Korean medicine? What are the traditional health benefits? Cheers, Andrew"
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — Apr/11