Ardenda's comments

"Maangchi - I separated out my doenjang from guk ganjang about two months ago. My doenjang looks like there's fungus growing on the surface of it. Is this ok?"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — May/17

"Maangchi - I separated out my doenjang and guk ganjang. Tonight I boiled my guk ganjang (I actually really like the smell) and as my guk ganjang was cooling, it developed a layer of white crystals on the top. Is that ok? I skimmed them off and put them in glass jars anyway but I wasn't sure what that was."
in Soup soy sauce (Guk-ganjang) — Apr/17

"She shows how to do this at the end of her doenjang video."
in Soup soy sauce (Guk-ganjang) — Apr/17

"I just made this for the first time yesterday and it was fantastic! I wanted to make this stew for a while but only just recently found chrysanthemum greens. Great choice on using skirt steak, so tasty! My husband asked me to made again for dinner tomorrow. Thanks!"
in Bulgogi stew in an earthenware pot (Ttukbaegi-bulgogi: 뚝배기불고기) — Jan/17