Arthemisefairy's comments

"So I made this dish last night, for celebrating the coming of the New Year. The taste of it was delicious, thank you for uploading it! Instead of 2-3, it is sure to make for 4 servings. I do have a question however: what is the reason you initially boil the clear water for 12-15 minutes? Is it because of the water quality where you live, or is it supposed to alter the taste of the soup in some way? I myself am under the impression that the boiling of the water for that long beforehand is the reason for this dish becoming a 2-3 person dish, and therefore skipped that step and added the garlic and beef shortly after the water started to boil... What do you think?"
in Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) — Jan/19

"This is a lovely tea, but I do have a question. In your video you mention near the end that the ginger-honey mixture can be stored in the fridge. Considering the properties of honey I would recon it will stay good for very long, but still I wonder, how long can it be kept before it goes bad? This is of course assuming I won't have finished scooping out the jar before that point has been reached ;p Thank you!"
in Ginger tea (Saenggangcha) — Dec/18