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"I really want to try making this; unfortunately I gave away my dehydrator and I do not have a crock so I will have to figure out how to improvise! I have a question there any chance you could post a recipe for Jeonju-style moju? I purchased some on my two visits there in 2009 and have been wishing for some ever since."
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Apr/17

"Hey, glad to see some advice for encouraging the perilla plant to grow larger! I grew it for the first time last year. This year I got a wonderful surprise as last year's plant reseeded itself - now I have five or ten plants growing in my garden, and I didn't have to plant them! I live in southwest Missouri, USA - garden zone 6."
in Perilla leaf kimchi (Kkaennip-kimchi) — Jun/15