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"Would a miso type broth work with this please ? As I find it really difficult to buy dried anchovies and kelp where I live, here in the UK. Thank you for your help."
in Doenjang soup with bok choy and tofu (Cheonggyeongchae dubu-doenjangguk: 청경채 두부된장국) — Aug/22

"I have just made my first ever batch of this Kimchi this afternoon and my kitchen smells divine of fish sauce, garlic, ginger, onion, red pepper flakes and spring onions. I don't want the smell to go away. The combination is mmmmmmmmmmmmm {chef's kiss}. Before mixing the paste into the cabbage I dipped the tip of my finger of my gloved hand into it to have a taste and could not help saying to myself "mmmmmm delicious". So now I know exactly what you mean when I hear you say it in your videos Maangchi. Thank you so much for your recipe, I will definitely be making it again. Up until now I have always bought Kimchi from the Supermarket but never again. Thank you for all your content. I am truly hooked on Korean food now. It is my absolute favourite quisine."
in Easy kimchi — Aug/22