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"As a Korean, I'm ashamed to admit I strongly dislike red bean paste and mung bean paste. My grandmother and dad were always so kind to let me eat the dduk while they ate the filling. So if I was to swap the paste for cooked fruit or even jam, do you think it would work? Is there a reason for why you make the half moon after you start cooking these cakes? Wouldn't it be easier to fold them in half before cooking first? Thank You!"
in Pan-fried rice cakes with sweet red bean filling (Bukkumi) — Jul/15

"Hello unni, I hope you'll be able to answer a few questions even though this was originally posted almost a year ago. If I don't have access to potato starch, can I use corn starch or is it best to just do all flour? And if I should omit all starch, should I increase the amount of flour to 4 cups? I know that it's best to make the the chicken stock from scratch but do you think using boxed chicken stock when you're in a hurry will drastically reduce the flavor? What's the best way to store the noodles for long term use? Since it's just me, I would rather make the full batch and freeze it versus making noodles fresh every time. Should I freeze the dough and them bring it to room temp and roll and cut when needed or freeze the cut up noodles? Thank You!!!"
in Chicken noodle soup from scratch (Dak-kalguksu) — Jul/15