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"Hi Maangchi! I understand that eating raw kimchi is healthy but what about cooked kimchi such this kimchi stew, is there any good bacteria left after high heat cooking? Thank you very much in advance for this important information! God bless you!"
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Sep/16

"Hi Maangchi!!!!! I'm from Brazil!!!!! I love your recipes!!!! I would like to know if I can replace saeujeot in tongbaechu kimchi, because the price of saeujeot in Brazil is absurdly expensive!!!!!!! I wonder if maybe one day you could teach us the handmade saeujeot recipe...... Another question: I didn't find gochugaru, so I used Gochujangyong gochugaru instead. Did I something stupid? Thanks a lot in advance for the tips!"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Jul/16