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"That looks like you had tons of fun there :D (I would love to know a recipe for the soup itself, so i would not have flavour enhancher in it) I love Ranyeon and add lots of ingredients to it :D My fave adds are: (fresh cooked) spinach, mungbean sprouts, bamboo shot slices, zuchini, radish sausage slices and very important a raw egg (or two ^^)."
in Ramyeon — Oct/13

"Thats so awersome i was waiting for this <3 Thanks alot :D"
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — Aug/11

"Oh thank you so much for this fast reply <3 As soon as i was able to get all the tools i need i definetly will try my best to make Kimchi :3 First this one next radish kimchi <3 and bulgogi ^^ I hope i can make it and can let you know as soon as possible ^^ Its not that easy to get Korean ingredients in Germany or more... where i live ^^ I have another Question. Can i make Kimchi without Garlic? or is that a total must? (No one around me eats much garlic so it maybe could become a problem for me u_u ) Thanks alot again :)"
in Easy kimchi — Jul/11

"Hello there :) Visiting a korean restaurant a few weeks ago reminded me of my childhood. I had alot of Kimchi back then. My aunt made it (she is korean, i am not, sadly). I really got stuck to the though of learning my favourite korean dishes. Well Kimchi is one of them. I only have a very small Kitchen and not much Space in general. So i wanted to ask if you have your recipe somewhere with kilo,gramm or tea/table spoon information. So i could calculate it down to a size i will be able to make (like around 2 Cabbages in maximum) I know its usualy not worth the time it takes but... well i dont have another choice i dont want to buy canned Kimchi from a Store or online and i cant buy small portions from the restaurant nearby (wich si sad theire Kimchi is really awesome) Oh my ^^ i wrote alot more than i wanted. ^^ Last thing: I really love this site and already know i will read around for a few days here ^^. best wishes ~berry"
in Easy kimchi — Jul/11