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"This porridge is excellent! Sundays are typically my day to stay home and try out new recipes or just cook and enjoy. I already tried a couple of your other recipes, and I had been eyeing this one for quite some time now. So, I made this yesterday, and it turned out wonderful! I was a little skeptical with all the garlic, but it really has a good flavor once you boil it with the chicken and rice. I smashed most of the cloves once I removed the chicken to cool, and they seemed to thicken the porridge a bit. I have shared this with friends, who also enjoyed it. Thanks again!"
in Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙) — Oct/13

"I made this for friends yesterday, and it turned out excellent! I used my homemade kimchi that I made from your recipe (2nd batch actually). Thanks so much for sharing all these great recipes that I grew up eating!"
in Kimchi soup (Kimchi-guk) — Apr/13