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"hablan español en el lugar o como es el dialogo? crees que vendan comida coreana congelada?"
in O-Mart — Jul/17

"Hi Maangchi, is my first time seeing ur videos. And its my first time trying to make korean food. Here in my town there´s an Factory of Korea named "Posco" and theres a lot of koreans. So they ask me to make to them korean food in their employees dining room, so they want korean original food. So i see ur videos, i have some questions: - If i can´t find napa cabbage can i use something diferent? - Can i make the fish sauce or the flavor is different? - If i cant find korean radish, can i use raddish from mexico is the red one? i hope u can answer me a few questions thank u so much! -"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jun/17