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"I think this is too healthy for me :x but it's a wonderful recipe. The tomatoes helped to add some natural saltiness. The cucumber added crunch to the noodles. I used somen and it was good. I had extra unsalted soy milk so it became my breakfast the next day. I blended it with some honey!"
in Soy milk noodle soup (Kongguksu) — Jan/12

"I made half a recipe yesterday and I have none left today. These are so addictive. I think soaking for at least 12 hours or more is best so the soybeans are fully hydrated. Cooking not fully hydrated beans end up too crunchy for my preference. I did cook them longer as I like them a little soft. I shall be making more tonight!"
in Braised Soybeans (Kongjorim) — Jan/12

"The spicy sauce is so good. The flavours really went well. I like to marinate the sauce without the green onions overnight so that the garlic is not so spicy. I used it on steamed tofu and it was amazing even when I was out of green onions. I also added abit more sesame oil so I have more sauce without it being diluted or overly salty. It's so pretty when you line up the tofu pieces with that sauce all over. :D"
in Pan fried tofu with spicy sauce (Dububuchim-yangnyeomjang) — Jan/12

"I absolutely love this recipe! It makes really crispy pancakes. I add abt 1/2tspn of baking soda to the flour mixture to make it more crispy. I don't have doenjang at home so I used miso instead. Once I replaced it with soy sauce as my friend was vegetarian and it worked out really well. It's definitely best eaten hot and crispy! When I have the chance, I shall try adding seafood to the pancake!"
in Pajeon (Green onion pancake) — Jan/12

"Oh I never knew that anchovy stock make the rice cakes taste so yummy! I used some ham bits and diced carrots in. It's really spicy though even when I'm a person who loves eating hot stuff. I would recommend for others to taste as they add tablespoon by tablespoon. Very very tasty! Thank you for this ^^"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Jan/12

"Hi Maangchi! I made your kimchi according to your recipe and it turned out great. I halved the recipe because it might be too much for my family and half a recipe was huge too. I found baby chinese cabbage which is the smaller version of the ones you use. My grandma says it's only available nearer to the chinese new year season. Great because I like the leaves more then the stems. I subbed the white sugar with raw brown sugar. Also for the fish sauce, I used korean anchovy sauce which is pretty much the same isn't? I didn't put in the salted squid so my kimchi wasn't salty enough. I added soy sauce to the mixture and it turned out very good. Though it was time consuming, it was really worth the effort! thank you for sharing this recipe with everyone!"
in Easy kimchi — Jan/12

"I would love to win that! that would be such a nice christmas present! so in love w korean food!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Dec/11