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"Love the music, Maangchi! I have not heard Scandal in a long time!"
in Pork bone soup (Gamjatang) — Jan/12

"Hi Maangchi, where can I buy that special grill for the Samgyeopsal gui?"
in April Joy Ecarma — Jan/12

"I would love to try the Bibigo sauces! Congratulations on all your success, Maangchi!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"Thanks! I'll try that!"
in Steamed shishito peppers (Kkwarigochu-jjim) — Jul/11

"Hi Maangchi, I just bought some shishito peppers over the weekend, but I probably won't be using the whole bag right away, can I freeze the rest of the peppers? Also, is there a substitute for the dried anchovies, in case I cannot find them? Great video as usual, everything looks mouthwatering!"
in Steamed shishito peppers (Kkwarigochu-jjim) — Jul/11

"Hi Maangchi! Can you give us some recipes for these? I think I've had them before as sort of an appetizer at a Korean restaurant in Santiago. They were sweet and grilled, and super delicious!"
in Shishito peppers (Kkwarigochu) — Jul/11

"Hello Maangchi! Congratulations on your new cookbook! I always turn to your recipes when my family wants authentic Korean food! All the best!"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11