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"Hello Maangchi, I noticed you add liquid smoke so I was wondering if this Yukpo is traditionally made using a smoker in Korea? If so, what kind of wood do they use? I ask because I have a nice smoker oven with thermostat controlled temperature I could use to make this. Thanks for all your delicious recipes, I have your book and love making Korean food especially the seafood pancake!"
in Korean beef jerky (Yukpo: 육포) — Jan/19

"Thank you Thank you, Thank you! We tried these from a street vendor when on vacation in Seoul a couple years ago. They were sweet and nutty and we fell in love with them. Later that day we tried some again from a different vendor but they were not the same, this time they were savory with scallion, and other veggies. Both were delicious and we wanted more but we couldn't find anything like them when we returned to the USA. Trader Joe's sells a frozen savory version that is OK, but nowhere near the taste of fresh cooked. We'll be making these soon! We'll probably use some good Coconut Oil to fry them in.Now if we could just find a recipe for the tube like snacks we ate. They looked like long corn dogs without the stick, fried and with different fillings, some fish based some veggie, some meat based. Don't have any idea what they were called. Thanks for all the great recipes!"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Sep/16