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"Hi Maangchi, I made this recipe and really enjoyed it. I had extra sauce left over, so I froze it. I am wondering if you had any ideas for what else I could use it for? Maybe a different meat like chicken or pork? And how would you cook these with the sauce? Thank you!"
in Makgalbi-jjim (Easy braised beef short ribs) — Jul/21

"These were delicious and easy to make! I had frozen scallops that I needed to use, so I substituted these for the other seafood in the recipe. I also added fresh chives and corn. My grocery store did not have green chili peppers, so I used half an Anaheim pepper. Thank you for the recipe, Maangchi! :)"
in Seafood Pancakes (Haemuljeon: 해물전) — Jul/21