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"Hi Maangchi,i hope you had a great with your shopping. I am just starting to cook for my husband,we got married 3months ago and so I decided to cook or I may say I have to do it for him. But honestly,i enjoyed my daily life in the kitchen watching so many recipes in the internet and tried most the those recipes. My husband was very amazed most of the time because the finish product. Until one day, I saw you in youtube with sweet and crispy chicken and my husband really liked it and requested it for how many times now in just span of 3weeks that I learned your recipe. I tried tangsuyuk,dak kang jung,dakjjim ( twice) and I will try most of your recipes in my next cooking session. I already list some of my menu for this coming week. Tuna pancake will be in our table tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your recipes. It helped me a lot. God bless you more!"
in Feel the fall — Oct/12