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"Such an exciting give-away! I'm sure the seven people that are chosen will be very happy. I'm in for sure. :)"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"The leaf that's kind of a flat round shape is called Perilla leaf. I think it's called kkaennip in Korean. In Japanese, it is called shiso."
in Spicy stir-fried pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum) — Nov/10

"This sounds like a lot of fun. If I was in New York, I'd come along in a heart-beat. But I'm okay. I'm going out for sushi with a friend from school today. :)"
in Field trip for Korean-Uzbek cuisine on Nov 6, 2010 — Nov/10

"I'm planning on making it today. :) I have a question about musaenchae though. When I make it, can I keep it in the fridge if I leave the sesame seeds out? Or is it one of those side dishes that's best when you eat it the same day?"
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Oct/10

"The grocery store I go to the most finally started selling mu! They have it right next to the daikon radishes now, and it's the same price! I bought one, so I am going to make musaengchae soon! I'll send you some pictures! ~Will"
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Oct/10

"Inari (稲荷) is the Japanese name. In Japanese, these are called "Inarizushi" (稲荷鮨) Literally, sushi stuffed into seasoned tofu skin."
in Fried tofu stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥) — Oct/10

"Sure. But it's potluck, so you've got to bring something too. :P"
in Will Etkin — Oct/10

"Yay. :D I have an update: Ever since you posted the Doeji Bulgogi recipe, it's become my most popular dish. Everyone asks for it now. :) Thanks so much for your amazing website and all your recipes. ~Will"
in Will Etkin — Oct/10

"I find that if you blanch the collards like Maangchi does in the video, but for a bit less time before you start salting, it will turn out fine. At least, that's what I did."
in Korean-style collard greens side dishes — Oct/10

"My friend Lily had some collard greens growing in her garden the last time I was at her house when we made Kimchi together. I'm going to see if we can try making this recipe together. It looks really delicious. I'd probably prefer the Korean taste version. I don't really like the cashew's flavor. I'll send you some photos when I make it! ~Will"
in Korean-style collard greens side dishes — Oct/10

"I really like the presentation of this one. Very nice."
in Doejibulgogi-Spicy Stir-Fried pork with rice, spinach and kimchi — Sep/10

"What you can do if you can't find special seaweed for samgak kimbap is this: Take the toasted laver you use for regular kimbap and cut in half. Then you just wait to wrap it until just before eating. I usually wrap mine in a plastic wrap and carry the laver in another zip-lock bag with me. That's how I do it for Onigiri (which is like the Japanese version of samgak kimbap, but sometimes it doesn't have the seaweed) too. It's called Nori, or Sushi Nori in Japanese. When it's pre-toasted, it's called Yakinori or Yaki Sushi Nori. Sometimes I even buy packages of kim sometimes that are from Assi brand, but they have the Japanese name written in English Letters, and then they have Korean writing next to it."
in Seaweed for samgak-gimbap — Sep/10

"Wow. It looks like you were having a dinner party or something. Very nice. :D"
in Yukhoe and others — Sep/10

"It looks really cute! Like it would make a great gift. :D"
in rainbow rice cake — Sep/10

"The one on the right looks so smooth. I wonder how that happened..."
in Steamed Egg (w/ Corn) — Sep/10