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"Thank you for posting this recipe. I spend my summers catching blue crabs and they are very delicious. I give blue crab to the owner of a store near me. His wife uses them to make this dish and is always excited when I bring fresh crab. I am going to try this recipe! I have one piece of advice. I handle crab a lot. Instead of putting in the freezer for two hours, you can put them into ice water for 5 or 10 minutes. Just put your crab in a 5 gallon bucket and dump a bag of ice on them. After a few minutes they will slow down, add some water and wait another 5 or ten minutes and they will be totally lifeless. Then just take them out one at a time as you clean them. Thanks again for the recipe. I am excited to try it!"
in Ganjang-gejang (Raw crab marinated in soy sauce) — May/14