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"Dear Maangchi, Although a lot of people do appreciate your hard work and willingness to teach, I strongly believe teaching 9 Korean dishes in 1 1/2 hours is a little bit too much for any human being. I do not doubt your enthusiasm, vigor and abilities, but you need to take it easy also, as you might strain yourself too much in one single activity in one single day. Please do remember there are lots of people out there that depend on your amazing Korean cooking lessons and maybe one day, international cooking lessons as well. If you overstrain yourself or injure yourself due to sheer volume of work, a greater magnitude of people around the world will surely miss you on the air as you recuperate. Maybe four to five dishes would be enough for that span of time, so you would have enough time to rest, relax and enjoy yourself while teaching your students. I really do think they will understand, in the same way as the students who were turned down for that class that day, who understood the situation. You could only do so much for us. Besides, you have done so much for us already - especially, listening to our many suggestions and teaching in many methods you could think possible. No one has done what you have been doing all these time, it is almost a sacrifice on your part. Sometimes, less is more. Proper pacing and the right amount of quantity although little sometimes produces the best quality. Well, this is just an honest suggestion, as some of your fans do care for your welfare too."
in My April 22, 2010 Korean cooking class in New York — Mar/11

"Hello Maangchi, Not only are you a great cook, but also a good photographer and picture model. You have good taste. Your life is as colorful as Mexico. If you run of Korean recipes to teach over the internet, may I suggest that you initiate teaching other international dishes as well, only the dishes or recipes that you truly like. Especially, now, that you have gone international in your travels, and you are becoming an international celebrity."
in Mexico, you are so colorful! — Feb/11