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"My son loves 닭갈비! We usually have to find a 놀부 when we're in Korea (Seoul). Haven't made it in a while, so I guess it's time. I will try your recipe and see how he likes it. :)"
in Dakgalbi (Spicy grilled chicken and vegetables) — Nov/13

"Wow. I just found this recipe today and knew my Korean husband would love it (he has loved 99% of the things I've cooked from your site). His reaction to the first spoonful? MMMMMMMM! You can make this every day! You can freeze it and save it for later! He was so excited to have this soup. We had it with 멸치볶음 myulchi bokkeum, 대구전 / Daegujeon (for me, I don't like mackerel), broiled mackerel and some other side dishes (bellflower root, seaseoned dried seaweed, 깍두기 kaktugi kimchi - your recipe!). My daughter (9) loves your myulchi bokkeum so much, I have to have it at the table for every meal! :-P (Today she made it herself.) THANK YOU, MAANGCHI!"
in Soybean paste soup with cabbage (Baechu-doenjangguk) — Mar/10

"You can buy a fish sauce that was made from anchovies (a Kosher fish). I just bought some the other day (we eat Kosher)."
in Yeolmu mulkimchi (young summer radish water kimchi) — Feb/10

"Thank you for your recipes!! I've been married over 13 years to a Korean and he is FINALLY happy with my cooking - thanks to your recipes! LOL I just made the eggplant side dish this morning and it received a thumbs up from him. :-)"
in Eggplant side dish (Gaji-namul) — Jan/10