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"hi maangchi, i made it! it came out perfectly just like the photos...im so proud of myself! lol. just one question tho, is the bread/pancake suppose to taste kind of sour? Thank you! <3"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Oct/10

"this is making my mouth water..i want to try making this...but I always have a bad experience using yeast...my dough always comes out really really bad. i'll give it a shot tho...hopefully I'll be able to send you a really good picture!"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Sep/10

"i submitted my gamjatang with rice and kimchi dinner photo. Keeping my fingers crossed! :D <3 I just downloaded all of your podcast maangchi! now I have easy access to these fantastic recipes! yey!"
in Korean food photo contest — Sep/10

"hi Maangchi. your website is making me crazy! i've been going on cooking frenzy for the past two days. hahaha. i've made 7 different side dishes including the kimchi. i've made the grilled mackarel, tofu soup, pork bone soup,spicy pork, cabbage soup...my mom and dad are ecstatic because we've been eating lunch and dinner as if we are in a korean restaurant complete with 5 side dishes. lol ...im going gaga maangchi! i love you! lol, everything is fantastic. with regards to kimbap. what is the difference with the korean kimbap to the japanese maki? can i use raw fish and fish roe instead of the cooked meat? and can i roll the kimbap with the rice on the outside and the meat and seaweed wrap on the inside? will that still be considered kimbap? thank you maangchi! <3"
in Tuna gimbap — Sep/10