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"Yes you should cook from frozen...!"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Nov/18

"Don't thaw your rice cakes! Cook them frozen and they won't split! I like to add shredded cabbage and small diced shitake mushroom, (I don't use meat or fish, like some recipes) and if you throw a few small cubes of sharp cheddar in the bottom of your bowl before serving, you won't regret it."
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Nov/18

"I use wood ear mushrooms instead of meat and make the dashi with vegetable stock, doenjang, and gochujang - no fish sauce - I use 2 extra kelp pieces, as well. I have this for breakfast nearly every day, topped with two fried eggs, and one spoonful of purple rice. I'll often throw in other vegetables if I have them - julienne or chopped small. Sooo healthy!"
in Seaweed soup with beef (Miyeokguk) — Nov/18