Jensung's comments

"I will definitely try this one!!! love this so much when I was in Korea for a trip. It's in tetra pack though. Do you also have a recipe for Banana Milk? I'm sure you have it! (^_^)"
in Strawberry milkshake — Jun/13

"I love this dessert very much. I first tasted this drink at a popular Korean resto here in PH called Sariwon Korean Bbq and it was love at first "taste". Hihi. I think the prep time requires a lot of time but I might try this when I have plenty of time. I saw this "instant sikhye mix" at a Korean Mart which cost around $5 and I might buy one this week. (^_^) Thanks Maangchi for your recipes. I am really a fan of everything about korea expecially the food. My officemate thinks that I am a Korean in a Filipina body. Hahaha. That's funny and I think he's right. (^_^)"
in Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜) — Jun/13