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"Your fried chicken recipes are to die for. Much better than Kentucky kfc. My husband requests Korean kfc like once a week. I think our family favorite is the honey butter flavor kind. It really is chicken candy. Almost like a fancy version of Cracker Jack caramel popcorn. One time I ended up making extra sauce, and did not label it so when we rediscovered it in fridge a few days later, someone thought it was caramel for ice cream. U know, it was pretty good on ice cream too!!. All of them r great though. Got any new fried chicken versions coming soon? Consider this an enthusiastic request Love your site. Kimchis have all been delicious too."
in Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — Feb/21

"Sooo good. Crazy idea I’ve yet to try: omitting rice cakes and using as topping for Fire chicken pizza. Salivating just thinking about it. I don’t usually think of cheese going well with Asian style cuisines. How wrong I was! Very unique dish."
in Fire chicken with cheese (Cheese buldak: 치즈불닭) — Jul/20

"Very curious about this one. I seldom buy rice cakes but one of my sons adores fried mozzarella sticks. This looks like it may taste somewhat similar. I was wondering: are these at all similar to fried mozzarella sticks?"
in Grilled cheese & rice cake skewers (Cheese-tteok-kkochi: 치즈떡꼬치) — Jun/20

"I just discovered wood ears this year. I Now put them in all sorts of things for their unique texture. I like that this recipe uses more veggies and fruits than most sweet and sour recipes—- but not as many as Thai style sweet n sour, which in my opinion usually has too high ratio of veggies to meats. This is perfect balance of ingredients. I bet this would be spectacular in an omelette too."
in Tangsuyuk (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork: 탕수육) — Jun/20

"Now one of our favorite fresh catch recipes. Nothing is better than pan fried fish and sauce really adds something to it."
in Seasoned pan fried flatfish (Gajami yangnyeom-twigim: 가자미 양념튀김) — Jun/20

"One of my sons loves bean sprouts and this is one of his favorite soups"
in Soybean sprout soup with rice (Kongnamul-gukbap: 콩나물국밥) — Jun/20

"One of our go to soups when we feel under the weather, but great for lunch anytime."
in Beef and vegetable porridge (Soegogi-yachaejuk) — Jun/20

"This is a quick easy dish that tastes special and is nice change of pace from scrambled eggs or fried. I’ve loved all your egg recipes and look eagerly for more."
in Steamed egg side dish (Gyeranjjim) — Jun/20

"We add eggs to this. It adds a softer more custard texture. Very tasty"
in Kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon: 김치전) — Jun/20

"This is every bit as delicious as bulgogi. Good thing since beef prices are so crazy these days."
in Maekjeok (Doenjang Pork Skewers) — Jun/20

"So amazing. Korean fried chicken seems to go over even with picky eaters. Honey butter is our favorite but both this and the spicy also win plenty of praise. My husband now prefers Korean fried chicken to Kentucky fried. Never expected that conversion!"
in Sweet crispy fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Jun/20

"Simple delicious stir fry. Very fresh and bright tasting."
in Stir-fried Asian chives, meat, and vegetables (Buchu-japchae: 부추잡채) — Jun/20

"This is the best fried chicken recipe ever. Like chicken candy. The sauce is amazing. I have even used this sauce with sautéed scallops."
in Honey butter fried chicken — Jun/20

"This is our go to kimchi recipe. We omit the shrimp usually but we make this twice a year and share with family and friends. Everyone says it’s the best kimchi they’ve ever had. We have made several of your kimchi’s, all delicious. This is the best though."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Jun/20