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"Love your recipes! So thankful! It would be awesome to win:)"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"I made it last night! SOOOO goood! Love it. Husband did too. Thanks!!!"
in Mapa tofu — Nov/11

"looks delish! can't wait to try and make your version:)"
in Mapa tofu — Nov/11

"Wonderful recipe!! Perfect for fall/winter! Thank you for the recipe!! I think I added too much ingredients and not enough soup so I have lots of left over without soup. I think I'll add more water and make more soup to eat leftovers!"
in Spicy beef and vegetable soup (Yukgaejang: 육개장) — Oct/11

"I made this today but used slow cooker. I followed till 6 then popped all in slow cooker for 6 hrs. I also added the mulyot. It turned out good n soft but was bit watery. I did not add the sesame oil. What would you suggest? Less water and more soy sauce?"
in Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) — Oct/11

"Maangchi - I wanted to ask how long the marinated sauce is good for if you refrigerate it."
in Kongnamulbap (Soybean sprouts bibimbap) — Oct/11

"I made this the other night and it turned out so yummy! I used both beef and mushrooms and cooked it in the rice cooker. Thanks for the recipe!"
in Kongnamulbap (Soybean sprouts bibimbap) — Oct/11

"Maangchi I left you a message wondering if you missed it. I accidentally replied below someone elses's comment. Could you please let me know what your thoughts are and why my dish turned out this way when following your directions? I must be doing something wrong."
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Sep/11

"Maangchi, I made this last night, turned out yummy but something went wrong somewhere. I followed your directions exactly and my potatoes became too soggy and mashed which in turn made my veggies a lol too "juk" like. I cooked on high pretty much all the way thru. Taste was good but maybe I need to cook on medium instead?!"
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Sep/11

"Hi ~ I attempted this dish last night and had some issues. I followed your directions and after boiling on high for 20min, it started burning before I noticed. The bottom radish n onions started sticking n burning with the pot and sucked up all the juice. So I had to add more water n transfer pots since I didn't want to waste the mackarel. I cooked it for over 40 min additional and the radish wasnt soft. Does it take that long? How can I avoid the burning and the water evaporating? Most of the fish ended up breaking to pieces as well."
in Braised mackerel with radish (Godeungeo-mujorim) — Sep/11