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"YES! This is exactly what I use, and it's delicious. I grind my own kim and dried shrimp :) It's delicious!"
in Fried tofu stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥) — Apr/17

"Gosh this looks delicious. I don't remember seeing pine nuts in the korean grocery store but I'll look for them. I'll check the other asian store here too. The mediterranean ones are SUPER EXPENSIVE in the american grocery stores... maybe these are cheaper. Also... I would definitely toast them!!! THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!! :)"
in Yak-gochujang (Fried gochujang) — Apr/17

"For the chopped onion, use red onion :) Much better than yellow or white.."
in Ssamjang (Korean spicy dipping sauce) — Apr/17

"I made a sauce with soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, honey, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. DELICOUS!"
in Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok) — Mar/17

"OMG I made this last night and I couldn't believe how delicious it was... so fresh tasting! And very healthy. I doubled the recipe. My only advice? Maybe have 3 skillets working at the same time cause it's time consuming doing 1 at a time LOL (especially when you make a double recipe)! Thanks for another awesome recipe, Maangchi! I know that I'll be making this many times again in the future... so good."
in Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok) — Mar/17

"You are posting so many videos lately :) Thank you!!!!!! <3"
in Braised lotus roots (Yeon-geun-jorim: 연근조림) — Mar/17

"How the heck did I get this black bean paste all over me? :) Awesome though... Oh, I added garlic! :) And guess what I used for the meat because I had no pork belly on hand? Good Ole Spam! LOL! Delicious..."
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Mar/17

"Speaking of potato sandwiches, I love to sliced the potatoes in thin disks and fry them in oil till they're a little crunchy and put that on a sandwich with mayonnaise :)"
in Potato Salad — Mar/17

"I use celery and green onion and bell pepper :)"
in Potato Salad — Mar/17

"omg I bought Napa cabbage today at the regular american grocery story and I couldn't believe how expensive it was. It was like $1.69 a pound which is well over double what it costs in the asian grocery store - fyi. I just didn't feel like making a trip to the asian store just for that. Something to keep in mind for the future! Huge price difference!"
in Napa cabbage (Baechu) — Mar/17

"I love the idea of adding mushrooms :) I omitted the hot pepper flakes and just used gochujang. The kimchi I used is pretty spicy already. I bet the mushrooms really were delicious in this... I'll try that soon!"
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Mar/17

"I'm sure dried anchovies make it the best. I haven't tried that. I always use dashi powder and it's good too."
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Mar/17

"No. The beneficial bacteria is destroyed. An alternative would be to stir the chopped kimchi in last after the other stew ingredients are cooked. If you want the bacteria, don't boil it."
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Mar/17

"I know this sounds absolutely crazy... but.... My mom gave me a some canned green beans she got on sale because she had too much to use. I normally cannot stand canned vegetables of any kind but decided to make green bean doenjang muchim. I just drained 2 cans of green beans. I didnt cook them. I used this recipe, but with 1 TBSP rice syrup instead of the pinch of sugar. I also used more sesame oil and more toasted sesame seeds than this recipe called for because I love them... Talk about delicious! It reminded me of asparagus when prepared this way. I'm thinking of other things to make doenjang muchim with... Thanks Mom! And Maangchi! LOL!"
in Bok choy seasoned with soybean paste (Cheonggyeongchae doenjang-muchim) — Mar/17

"This looks incredible!!! My mouth is watering!!! Beautiful!!!"
in Omurice “Omelette rice” (Omeu-raiseu: 오므라이스) — Mar/17