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"Ok, third time I've made it. This time made a small batch and yes, I have it in my onggi pot. We will see how long it lasts. My husband loves this so much. I made the mistake of making your recipe and now store bought kimchi is out of the question. For those of you living in the South, H-mart is your best and freshest source for all things Korean."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Aug/18

"Thank you for a user friendly site. I wanted an Onggi pot and your site suggested Super H market in Houston. I live about an hour outside of the city. Love that store! Lots of Koreans in the store very friendly, clean and super stocked. They have #3, #10 and #5 Onggi earthenware pots in stock. I will be making Kimchi very soon as the weather is turning cool finally. Thank you again and i will tell you how it turns out, hopefully won't have to buy store bought Kimchi in a jar anymore. PS went to the 99 Ranch store since they are about a block apart it was very nice too, but the Super H will see me again."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Nov/14