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"I never tried this without skin, but I assume it will go soggy without them. Also the skin isn't as thick as full grown potatoes and actually taste good when cooked this way. You might give it a try"
in Braised baby potatoes (Algamja-jorim) — Mar/15

"I've seen many foreigners overwhelmed when they first eat Korean food homestyle. They feel there are too many dishes. The thing is other than bap and main dish, you are not expected to eat all of it. Side dishes(banchan) are often served for free at resturants and they throw away the left overs. At home though, leftovers are usually put back into storage. Most Korean food is fermented, pickled or marinated and are good for keeping long period. For every meal mothers usually just cook rice and main dish. The rest? they are all in refrigerator and we take out the amount we are going to eat for the meal. That is why banchan is normally made and sold in large batch."
in A typical Korean homestyle table setting — Mar/15

"Hi Maangchi I just wanted to point out that at the main, where you have popular recipe list, this is labeled as 양념통닭 instead of 김치왕만두"
in King-size kimchi dumplings (Kimchi-wangmandu) — Mar/15

"I'm a Korean living in Korea, yet I often come to your website for recipes. It's just so easy to follow and I can tell you put lot of consideration for cooking amateurs like me. Ganjang gejang is an all time favorite food by most Koreans, and yet it's not an easy recipe. I took courage after reading your recipe and gave it a try. Hope the results look as good as yours. Thank you always :)"
in Ganjang-gejang (Raw crab marinated in soy sauce) — Mar/15

"I have a tip for those of you who want to preserve the leftovers. Cool them in the refrigerator and just put them in plastic bags and throw into a freezer. You can keep it almost indefinitely. When you want to cook it just throw into a pot with boiling water and it will taste as good as new. I used to this during my college days. I would go home from time to time to get frozen kimchijjgae and keep them in my freezer."
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Mar/15

"Apart from taste, It keeps longer with vinegar and makes the eggs more firm"
in Eggs in soy broth (Gyeran-jangjorim) — Mar/15

"The definition of 'nice taste' for Kimchi can vary greatly. Some people prefer them fresh, some people like me like them aged and sour. If you would like to keep the taste, you must try to minimize the exposure to air. It's better to preserve them in large batch, in a single container and only open it when you need it. I normally take about a week's worth every week."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Mar/15

"For plastic, I advise using Lock&Lock containers. It's a Korean brand and commonly used in Korea."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Mar/15