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"I just made these today, and they're so good! My brother doesn't usually like vegetables, and he really hates onions, but he's raving about these. A huge success! I added 2 ounces more of pork than you used (so 16 instead of 14) but it wasn't that big a difference, and all the flavor is still there"
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Jun/12

"Hi Maangchi! I found this website over the summer, and I've had fun trying out the different recipes. I just made the matang (the last couple are cooling off now), and I just want to say that they're delicious! They don't look quite as good as yours (and I couldn't use Korean sweet potato because shopping here is horrible), but even with a "normal" sweet potato I fell in love. Thanks so much for the recipe!"
in Candied sweet potato (Matang) — Oct/11