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"Hello maangchi! A avid k-drama fan and really love the culture as well the foods korean make (17 years old last sept 12 hohoho). Due to our long weekends, I'm finding well rated recipes in youtube then suddenly I found yours. And today, I'm currently fond of watching your korean cooking videos last wednesday. And yes after watching almost 20 of your videos, I decided to cook kwabaeggi since it look so easy but I struggled twisting the dough perfectly like yours hahaha. Well, thank you! I'd made my family happy. Next time, I'll make garaeddeok, ggongal ppang, bibimbap, heotteok, dakgangjeong, bokkeumbap, gyeran ppang, kkampunji, gimbap, eomuk and gamjajeon.. Hihi. Thank you maangchi! "
in Introduction to Korean ingredients — Sep/17