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"hello maangchi.. can i put some carrots in here too? because i wanted to make this for my daughter's birthday party too.. if i put some carrots,won't it affect the taste? bcos i think that i should put more colors to it aside from frozen peas.. please help.. thank you.."
in Makgalbi-jjim (Easy braised beef short ribs) — Oct/12

"hi maangchi.. i wanted to make this for my daughter's 5th birthday this coming oct. 27.. i can't find frozen rice flour.. we only have ordinary rice flour here. (not frozen) can i use that? and can i make this in advance, like a day before her birthday.. won't it go off? i really wish to make this on her birthday.. we also have some korean friends that will come over.. i'd really appreciate your help.. thank u.."
in White steamed rice cake (Baekseolgi-tteok) — Oct/12