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"Maangchi, I love your site! I tried this soup, and while I loved the results, it took a REALLY long time to get the brisket tender. It may be that I used grass-fed organic beef. I did cut it into bite size pieces as directed. After a couple hours I ended up scooping out the radish, which had become very soft, and pouring the rest into my pressure cooker. I should have followed my intuition to use the pressure cooker in the first place! I ended up eating dinner at 10:00pm - luckily it was the weekend. :-) Instead of rice, I poured it over sweet potato starch noodles. I love the Korean radish in this soup. It tastes almost like a potato, which gives me the idea to sub it for potatoes in other soups when I don't need them for thickening purposes. I have just started using Korean radish and I love how mild it is. In the past I've substituted daikon in other recipes, but the difference in flavor is huge."
in Spicy radish and beef soup (Maeun muguk) — Apr/14