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"Hi there, Kamil! Soy bean paste can come in many different shades of brown. I've even had soy bean paste vary in colour from the same manufacturer, I guess every batch is different! ^^ Just make sure its soy bean paste you have and not black bean paste which is used for jja jang myun. Hope that helps. ^^"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Nov/12

"Hello Mere! ^^ Thank you so much for your response! After reading your suggestions, I think I'm going to try the sauce this weekend with some kind of seafood jeon. I imagine the flavour to be light and fresh tasting, perfect for this warm weather we're having. My mouth's watering already just thinking about it. lol Thanks again, wish you all the best! Libelle"
in Paua fritters, taro chips, and soft tofu dill cream sauce — May/12

"All that delicious food! *drools* Looks like y'all had a blast! :D The paua fritters and especially that sauce look so yummy. I don't think I will be able to get my hands on abalone here, is there anything that I could substitute it with? Hope you're enjoying a lovely spring in NYC, Maangchi-unnie! ^^"
in Paua fritters, taro chips, and soft tofu dill cream sauce — Mar/12

"Awesome...just awesome. Everyone and everything looks so lovely, it gave me such a sense of "home" that it brought tears to my eyes. Glad y'all had so much fun! <3"
in Gapshida Rotorua — Dec/11

"Oh Maangchi unni I'm enjoying all of your Gapshida posts so much! It's like you are taking us all along with you to meet everyone! This is such a lovely treat for everyone who loves different cultures and their food. Komawoyo! Reinier, your huge container of kimchi looks awesome by the way. ^^"
in Gapshida Rotterdam at Reinier’s house — Oct/11

"It's a winking smiley. The Chamchijeon turned out delicious by the way! *^.^*"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — May/11

"Awwwwwwww another Maangchi video with Reinier...always nice to see! :D Thanks for the lovely recipe, Maangchi unni,it will be a great banchan for dinner tonight. *^.~*"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — May/11

"Thanks again for such a delicious recipe, Maangchi unnie. It's finally summer and it's HOT in the city, so Mul Naengmyun is on the menu for lunch today! ^^ I just wanted to share a little thing I do that fellow readers might be interested in as well: I make ice cubes out of your yummy stock recipe and use these in my Mul Naengmyun in place of regular ice cubes. Happy Summer, Maangchi unnie and everyone! ^^"
in Mul-naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles in chilled broth) 물냉면 — Jun/10

"I loooove all things "sea plant" (like miyuk, kim and dashima) and always saw this in the freezer section at the store and wished I knew how to make it....and now I do! Kamsahamnida, Maangchi unnie! ^^"
in Sautéed sea plant (Miyeokjulgi-bokkeum) — May/10

"Maangchi unni, we made your "uh oh hoddeok" the other day with hazelnuts and they came out scrumptious! There were lots of "mmmms" and "uhhh so yummy" when we ate them but I think my husband hit the nail on the head with his response after trying one: "Maangchi's done it again!" he said, and yes you have! ^^ Thanks again for yet another great recipe! We will be making these again and again and again. haha"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Mar/10

"Maangchi unnie and guys are a great cooking duo! ^^ Absolutely loved seeing you guys cooking together, it looks like you had so much fun! The hoddeok look sooo delicious that my husband and I are going to have to make them this weekend. ^^"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Mar/10

"Good luck Maangchi unnie! Hwaiting!"
in nominated in Saveur’s 1st Annual Food Blog Awards — Mar/10

"Aigoooo!! Maangchi ssi, they made you look old! Oooh off to Costa Rica, how nice. Hope you have a lovely trip with your daughter!"
in Leaving for Costa Rica — Feb/10

"How cool, Maangchi ssi! Hopefully Paul will share the finished product with us. I bet I'm not the only one who wants to see you being a film star now too. hehe ^^ Have fun! Hwaiting!"
in Leaving for Boston — Feb/10

"Oh wow, Maangchi ssi!! So cool! Wish so much I lived in NYC so I could attend one of your classes, I'm so jealous! ^^ Congratulations on all your success Unnie, you deserve it and I know there's so much more to come. Hwaiting!"
in My class at Whole Foods Bowery Culinary Center on Jan.30, 2010 — Jan/10