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"Or how about rock cod? Can I use that type of fish for this recipe?"
in Fried snapper with seasoning sauce (Domi-yangnyeom-gui) — Jan/18

"Hi Maanghi, Can a lingcod be used for this recipe? Any advice would be great, thank you."
in Fried snapper with seasoning sauce (Domi-yangnyeom-gui) — Jan/18

"Hi tomdolan, thank you for your advice. I had a huge 5 pound that I recently bought so I was hoping to use what I had so it would not go to waste. I will try to make it with the adult spinach next time and compare the difference. Thank you so much!"
in Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul) — Nov/17

"Hi Maangchi, Can I use baby spinach for this recipe, just the leaves? I just bought a big bag of spinach. :D"
in Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul) — Oct/17

"Hi aru103, thank you very much for the advice. How much longer did you boil it for?"
in Beef short ribs (Galbijjim) — Dec/15

"Hi Maangchi or anyone who sees my comment. I want to make this again so any tips, help or advise on this dish would be great. My first try was not that good. Thanks!! :)"
in Beef short ribs (Galbijjim) — Sep/15

"Hi Maangchi, I recently tried making this recipe and the meat came out very hard and chewy, not tender at all!! I followed the directions for your recipe exactly as said but the meat was very hard to eat........ ;'("
in Beef short ribs (Galbijjim) — Aug/15

"Ah okay. Thank you Maangchi. I will definitely try both of your recipes. They look so delicious! I will upload some pics after I make some. Thank you again."
in Beef short ribs (Galbijjim) — May/15

"Hi Maangchi, how many pieces/pounds of radish do you use? It does not say in the recipe or the video? Thanks!"
in Beef short ribs (Galbijjim) — Apr/15

"Hi Maangchi, I tried making this a couple of days ago with 1 very small serrano pepper and took all the seeds out. Even though the pepper was so small it turned out to be quite spicy but not too spicy, I think it was about just the right amount of heat. It turned out to be very delicious and tasty! Can't wait to cook this for friends. Thank you so much for this recipe Maangchi!!"
in Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy braised chicken) 닭복음탕 — Nov/14

"Hi Maangchi, I can't seem to find the Korean green chili pepper, is there some other pepper that I can substitute it for, like Serrano pepper? Please advise, thank you."
in Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy braised chicken) 닭복음탕 — Nov/14

"Ahh.....ok. Good to know. It did seem like I used cucumbers that contained more water the second time I tried making the oisobagi. I'm having some now after a couple of weeks and it taste so good! It seems like it has more flavor too! :D Thank you so much Maangchi! Can't wait to try your other delicious recipes. Oh just one more question, how long can you keep the oisobagi in the refrigerator after making it?"
in Spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi) — Mar/13

"Hi Maangchi, I have a quick question. This is my second time to make this cucumber kimchi. The first time I made it, it was really good. But the second time I made it, it was good too but there seems to be alot of water/liquid on the bottom of the container of the cucumbers. Is that normal? Should I pour the extra water out? I kind of think with the water sitting in there it would take the flavor out of the cucumber kimchi perhaps? Please advise. Thank you Maangchi."
in Spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi) — Mar/13

"Hi Maangchi, is there a substitute for red pepper flakes if I can't find it? Like crushed red pepper or chili powder? Please advise, thank you! :)"
in Emergency Kimchi (Yangbaechu-kimchi) — Dec/12