makionyx's comments

"I made this side dish with my husband in mind. He really loves potatoes and any dish really that incorporates them into it. When I saw this video, I instantly thought of him and how he would enjoy the dish. Turns out two of our boys also enjoyed the dish and he ended being raided by a one and three year old every chance they got. It was cute to watch. Thank you for the wonderful recipe as it gave my family a wonderful memory!"
in Braised baby potatoes (Algamja-jorim) — May/17

"I made this dish based off your video (I admittedly skipped the cleaning steps of a whole frozen squid and used clean frozen squid tubes which I re-cleaned with salt). I don't have a grilling pan, so I had to use a regular one, but the squid came out tender and got my five year old's approval (he ended up eating most of the dish despite the others who may have wanted some). I really love your dishes and recipes and so does my family!"
in Spicy grilled squid (Ojingeo-tonggui) — May/17

"I love this side dish. I had it in a Korean restaurant and fell in love with the sweet and spicy (but not burning or hot) flavor. I have bought fishcake from the market in a few variations and tried making this. When I use this type of sheet thin fishcake, cut up, it comes out alright, but never as good as when I had it in the restaurant. I tried other fishcakes as well and they tasted unpleasant (but they were so cute shaped like little crabs). I haven't made my own fishcakes due to never having the time, but maybe in the preparation of making your own, you can change the flavor of the cake its self to add to the dish."
in Spicy stir-fried fish cakes (Eomuk-bokkeum) — May/17