maryk's comments

"I've never tried this soup before but wanted to try cooking it after reading your recipe and watching your video. I couldn't find napa cabbage and large anchovies in my local store. Only small Chinese cabbages and medium sized anchovies were available, so I used two small cabbages and more of the medium sized anchovies (no fish parts removed) as substitutes. I also didn't have a strainer for the anchovies so simply stirred them into the rest of the ingredients. Well, guess what? The soup turned out super delicious! I even ate the anchovies which were were soft and tasty! Love your recipe and video! Can't wait to make it again! It's a perfect winter soup! Thank you for sharing, Maangchi! "
in Cabbage and soy bean paste soup (Baechu-doenjangguk) — Aug/18