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"Hi tyger, Yunmi is correct that you can't undo the fermentation but here are some suggestions for using strong kimchi: 1. Rinse off the sauce. Maybe that sounds simplistic, but heck, it's your food, do what you want to make it taste good to you. :) 2. Use the strong kimchi in dishes where it's fried, like kimchi fried rice or kimchi pancakes. This works in two ways: you have to squeeze out the juice/sauce to keep the end result from being soggy, and frying the kimchi changes the flavor - much milder in my opinion. 3. Make soup, because the water and other ingredients will dilute the kimchi's powerful taste. Again, cooking does change the flavor. Sorry for the late reply, but I hope this helps, if the situation arises in the future. Have fun."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Sep/12

"Howdy - I'm researching a gas burner to add to my disaster gear -- I live in San Francisco area: quake country, fire zone AND terrorism target XD -- and hoping you can point out which features I should look for or beware of. do you have experience with butane or propane burners? which do you prefer? thanks for your help and the terrific site."
in Gas burner — Aug/10

"Hi Maangchi - came here after seeing your maejakgwa viddi on youtube; excellent site. have two questions: since you specify "Korean Perilla", is it different than "regular" perilla? or "purple perilla" a.k.a. shiso? I'm Jap-Am, and my mother grew shiso in a pot outside the kitchen door. The flower stalks are +GREAT+ as tempura; a very fond childhood memory because only my mother and I liked it so it was our special "cook's treat" while she fried all the other goodies for dinner. also, any sources for the terrific plastic ginger grater you have? all the ones I've seen are either mediocre stoneware or expensive porcelain. wish I had the glazed metal one that my mother used. lol, it was so old, it was marked "Made in Occupied Japan". thanks for any help you can provide. have fun, Jenna"
in Perilla leaves (Kkaennip) — Jun/10