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"Maangchi, thank you for the updated recipe. The bottom was always slightly burned. I believe now, like you, better to leave it alone after a few initial stirs, then use lower heat--and wait for the yumminess to arrive!"
in Steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl (Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim) — Jan/22

"Maangchi--Can we use rice flour instead of wheat flour, or combination of both? I love the starchy chewy texture from rice flour! I love this recipe--so easy and fun to make! But maybe I will increase the portions because I think some "sampling" might occur during the cooking process! ;D"
in Seafood Pancakes (Haemuljeon: 해물전) — May/19

"OMG! Now my mouth is watering! I can't wait to make this one, Maangchi! I love soup so much!"
in Squid soup (Ojingeo-guk) — Mar/12

"Hi Maangchi! I love your website. Your recipes are concise and the videos are perfect as well. I tell everyone (interested in learning Korean cooking) about your website. You make it easy and understandable. I was wondering about earthen cookware. I can see that they can "take the heat" but I have an electric stove. Is it really okay for them to be in direct contact with the heating element? I have made fish stew and miso soup in one, heating the soup gradually to simmer/boil, but am concerned about using it to make something like fried bibimbap where there is no liquid and the heat is pretty high. Also, if the pot has been immered in water (like washed) does it need to dry completely before you can expose to heat? Don't want to learn by cracking my earthen pots...Do you have info or can you reassure me that they can take the direct heat contact w electric stove heat elements? Thanks!"
in Earthenware bowl — Apr/11