MUCOUS's comments

"tried this twice because i realized i messed up on the preparation and cooking. my first attempt, i used regular sized scallions, sliced thinly but to length(they curled up after rinsing), 1/2 CUP sugar, not 1/2 teaspoon(it caramelized in the batter), NOT a non-stick pan with not enough cooking oil..... which is why the first batch came out terribly. the second batch i did after re-watching the video, using EXACTLY the same sized wild onions(farmer's market), the correct amount of sugar, the correct pan and the correct amount of cooking oil. I also added 'salad' sized shrimp. it was wonderful. very simple. very tasty. it's a keeper."
in Pajeon (Green onion pancake) — Apr/18

"I have NO talent when it comes to bread making, but these were so simple. I just followed along with the video and they came out fine. Served them warm, with the homemade strawberry jam recipe. So tasty!"
in Bread Rolls — Apr/18

"Fantastic. Easy to prep/cook, ready in minutes. Served 2(three each) with slices of roma tomato on lettuce leaves. Loved it!"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — Apr/18