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"So, I had to use some substitutions...but it still turned out great! I used ground lamb for the pork, soy sauce for fish sauce, used extra green onions in place of the buchu (only about 1 cup), and substituted cooked rice for the tofu. I fried and salted them, trying to recreate the memory of the mandu the little Ajumma in Anjeong-ri would sell. It was...somewhat successful in that endeavor. Of course nothing can replace the memory of the grease-soaked paper bag full of that fried food heaven, but something else happened with my substitutions. I think it was the lamb that did it, but there was a hint of something from the British Isles in there - as if my mandu had dreamt of being cornish pasties. It was awesome. Thank you for the recipe and you definitely have a new fan!"
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Sep/14