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"I have a finned fish allergy (but *not* a shellfish allergy) and would love to be able to make myself small fishless batches of the meals I make for my family. I'd love to know of an alternative that would help flavor dishes like your steamed shishito peppers and stews for my personal serving. With kimchis I substitute jars of the tiny baby shrimp for fish pastes and nobody seems to mind at all :) My husband is Korean, I'm not, but my family joins us for large holiday meals as well as random meals when we're in the mood to cook a little bit more or have special requests. We are in Massachusetts and have a full size Hmart almost an hour from home that I go to but there are some other Asian supermarkets in the area if there are alternatives from other cultures, nowhere near the abundance of food markets that NYC or CA have though! :) Thanks!"
in Dried anchovies (Mareun-myeolchi) — Feb/16

"I almost forgot, I have a fish allergy, but not shellfish... so when I make my own kimchi I skip the fish paste and substitute with diced up baby shrimp from the jars near the kimchi at our HMart"
in White Kimchi (Baek-kimchi) — Aug/15

"Thank you so much for all of your recipes! We bought your cookbook for Father's Day for my husband (he's Korean-American, I'm of mixed European descent) and this weekend I worked on a feast for his birthday as well as the birth of my sister's new baby and meeting the baby's father (from Laos, he loved the milder Korean food we fed him at the hospital). My father has trouble digesting spicy food, so I searched for more mild kimchi recipes and he loved it! Along with these 6 homemade kimchis we served your Sigeumchi-namul & Jangjolim along with other homemade dishes like beef jangolim, cucumber salad, mung bean sprout salad, fusion cocktails (Soju Mojito and Maekgeolli Rose of Sharon), etc along with marinated beef, spicy pork, and chicken, mixed green leaves, kim, storebought cabbage kimchi and salted crab kimchi, black beans, stir fried peanuts, pears, gochujang, dumplings, and homemade dip :) I need to get my hands on a Gujeolpan dish, but in the meantime I used my mother's old Chinese lazy susan to serve up the kimchis! Clockwise from botton: White Radish Kimchi - Yul Mu Kimchi The Korean Kitchen Cookbook; Radish Leaf Kimchi - Yoel Mu Mul Kimchi The Korean Kitchen Cookbook; Young Summer Radish Water Kimchi - 열무 물김치 - Yeolmu mulkimchi ; Spicy Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi - 오이소박이 김치 - Oisobagi kimchi The Korean Kitchen Cookbook; Perilla Leaf Kimchi - 깻잎김치 - Kkaenip-kimchi ; Center: White Kimchi - 백김치 - Baek-kimchi"
in White Kimchi (Baek-kimchi) — Aug/15